What is Sangha Yoga?

Many have asked What is Sangha Yoga? and What does Sangha really mean?

Sangha is a sanskrit word which captures the essence of a spiritual community. The word is often paired with Sat, which means truth. The meaning of these two words together is truth joined. We could also describe it as a community of truth-seekers or a group of like-minded people who want to find the truth. Satsang – a community of like-minded people.

Sangha Yoga Copenhagen is build on the foundation of Community and Satsang. Everybody who is looking for a place to connect and go deeper is much welcome into our yoga family. We support and share our common interests of yoga, spirituality, meditation and sustainable lifestyle.

It is when we gather and spend time with others who are also on the spiritual path in life. Us people are social animals, and we need each other on so many levels. Keeping good and virtuous company with others we can relate to, who we have mutual interests with, help us to grow support and compassion for each other, and we can inspire, encourage and uplift one another.

In yoga classes we also meet in satsang. Our sangha is about yoga. We spend time with each other, connect through breath and movement and together we dive into the practice of understanding the truth. Satsang is said to be one of the greatest ways to cultivate your own spiritual growth and self-development. The satsang you keep reflects your own true nature.

In Sangha Yoga we practice Jivamukti Yoga. The Jivamukti Yoga practice integrates different yoga traditions into one method and it is practiced in a fluid connection of breath and movement linked together called vinyasa. Our core values are centered around an intellectually stimulating and modern interpretation of traditional Hatha Yoga. The practice is always linked to an elevated intention, which guides us to build loving kindness and compassion for each other and expand our consciousness in search for the true meaning of who we are and the meaning of life.

Learn more about Tanja and why she decided to establish Sangha Yoga – a home for the growing Jivamukti Yoga community in Copenhagen. Read about Tanja’s yoga journey and what inspires her in life.

Tanja is the only Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher in Denmark. She offers weekly open classes as well as privates, workshops and retreats. Her classes are open for all levels of practitioners and Tanja is happy to assist and provide adjustments to suit everyones individual needs. Besides classes on the weekly schedule Tanja also hosts a number of community based events, such as yoga and brunch, concerts and movie nights, kirtan (devotional chanting) and meditation.

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