Sangha Yoga Studio is a vibrant, urban sanctuary for all who wish to practice and study yoga.

We are a bunch of happy and friendly people, and everybody who is looking for a place to connect and go deeper is much welcome in our yoga family. We support and share our common interests of yoga, spirituality, meditation and sustainable lifestyle.

Jivamukti YogaSangha Yoga Studio is a Jivamukti Yoga Affiliate school, the only one in Denmark. The Jivamukti Yoga practice integrates different yoga traditions into one method and it is practiced in a fluid connection of breath and movement linked together called vinyasa. Our core values are centered around an intellectually stimulating and modern interpretation of traditional Hatha Yoga. The practice is always linked to an elevated intention, which guides us to build loving kindness and compassion for each other and expand our consciousness in search for the truth, who we are and the meaning of life.

At Sangha Yoga Studio we offer a warm, welcoming space for everybody.  We teach classes open for all levels of practitioners and are happy to assist and provide adjustments to suit everyones individual needs. Besides our weekly yoga classes we also host a number of events, such as yoga and brunch, concerts and movie nights, kirtan (devotional chanting) and meditation.

Learn more about Tanja, the Founder and Director of Sangha Yoga Studio, what inspires her and why she decided to open the studio.

Sangha Yoga Studio is build on the foundation of Community and Satsang.

Satsang – a community of like-minded people.

Sangha is a sanskrit word which captures the essence of a spiritual community. The word is often paired with Sat, which means truth. The meaning of these two words together is truth joined. We could also describe it as a community of truth-seekers or a group of like-minded people who want to find the truth.

It is when we gather and spend time with others who are also on the spiritual path in life. Us people are social animals, and we need each other on so many levels. Keeping good and virtuous company with others we can relate to, who we have mutual interests with, help us to grow support and compassion for each other, and we can inspire, encourage and uplift one another.

In yoga classes we also meet in satsang. Our sangha is about yoga. We spend time with each other, connect through breath and movement and together we dive into the practice of understanding the truth.

Satsang is said to be one of the greatest ways to cultivate your own spiritual growth and self-development. The satsang you keep reflects your own true nature.

Welcome to Sangha  

I'm so grateful for Sangha Yoga Studio and it's beautiful communal energy. There are few places in life where everyone is openly embraced, no matter who they are, where they came from and what they believe studios should be a safe haven of trust and love which welcome diversity. Every time I practice with Tanja Ottesen at her studio, I feel as if I've stepped into her home and like I've know her for lifetimes. Her friendly presence, humble attitude, devotion to the practice, and ability to lead people deeper than the physical asana is truly inspiring. My heart is full love.

Lauren Lee

Thank you Sangha Yoga Studio for creating such a wonderful space for all of us to come and practice. All the teachers are full of inspiration and passion for yoga. The peaceful light atmosphere and beautifully decorated studio is always a pleasure to enter. A hidden sacred Oasis in the middle of buzzling Vesterbro. I am very grateful that we finally have a Jivamukti Yoga place to go to and looking forward to many more mind blowing, heart opening and joyful moments of yoga with you in the future.

Anja Olesen

I'm a huge fan of Jivamukti and is a regular yogi in Sangha. The teachers are all amazing, each of them guiding in their own unique way and giving good assists to both advanced and new students so everybody feels safe and challenged. I also really love that the practice combines body, mind and soul. I'm HOOKED!!

Rikke Knudsen

There is always a great atmosphere and a very special energy in Tanja's classes. It is sometimes challenging, but at a level where everyone can participate. She is guiding beautifully and an attentive teacher who makes the experience of yoga into something quite special. Definitely recommendable!

Sif Kjellegaard

Always challenging and a rewarding yoga experience at Sangha Yoga Studio

Malene Beldring Olsen

I have followed Tanja's yoga classes since 2012. It has been a great gift to be introduced to the Jivamukti Yoga method and a lot of personal development for me.

Tina Andersen

I met Tanja and Jivamukti yoga for the first time on a yoga retreat 2 years ago and has been hooked ever since. Nowhere else have I found such an inspiring, dynamic, physically & mentally challenging and energizing form of yoga or met so dedicated and skilled a yoga teacher. Hereby my warmest recommendations of Jivamukti yoga, Tanja and the other skilled teachers and the brand new and very beautiful Sangha Yoga Studio!

Cæcilie Krogsgaard Tolstrup